Portrait Painting – A Traditional Demand of Modern Days

If you can recall, in a traditional form of portrait art, our ancestors stand/sit and pose for a long hours just to have an excellent portrait painting. The painters had to get their image as accurately as possible. Indeed, the process was definitely difficult and tiresome, but the end artwork was considered as a special.

Nowadays, because of the development of photography, availing of your personal portrait painting is more convenient and time saving. This is the twist for a better change.

Why portrait painting is still in demand?

Convenience to both Artist and Costumer
The modern process of portrait painting is far different from the traditional one. You are not required to pose for long hours just to have the perfect portrait painting. Just upload your favorite photograph and let the artist do the task. The concept is very convenient, and the result is outstanding …….a modern approach but with traditional end result.


The Life Longevity of A Portrait Painting Is Evident
As far as life longevity is concerned, the life of an ordinary photograph could be at the most ten years but you can still notice the fading prints. On the other hand, because portrait painting is made of high quality materials, there’s an assurance that you could hand down the masterpiece to the future generation.

cowboy painting

The Creativity in the Artwork
An artist incorporates visualization, imagination and thought regarding to any subject he is working with and incorporates additional technique to get a perfect art piece. Hence turning an ordinary photograph to a more stunning and elegant portrait.

Children Portrait

Preservation of Memorable Moments
A portrait painting is not just a piece of wall decor but it also preserves the memories of the past. You are able to see and recall the moments of your life with tears, joy and smile.



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Portrait Painting: A Perfect Gift for Christmas

Christmas is round the corner and it is hard to imagine celebrating Christmas without thinking about giving gifts. Along with sipping eggnog and lighting up the tree, giving gifts to friends and family is often a cherished part of the Christmas season .We all give gifts at Christmas for our own reasons. For some, it is a way to celebrate the Christian holy day. For others, it is a special time to let family and friends know that you care by giving gifts. At times, giving gifts at Christmas becomes almost mechanical, and a chore; when this happens, it is worth stepping aside for a few moments to consider “What exactly you want to gift at Christmas?” All of us, at some time or another, have faced the challenge of finding a perfect gift for our loved ones. And the challenge becomes harder when you want to gift something unique that a person, for whom you are buying the gift, can relate to emotionally.

Portrait Painting as Christmas Gift

Christmas shopping and finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list requires planning. You want to be sure to give your loved ones a unique Christmas gift that tells them you put real thought into what you chose. When picking out gifts for your loved ones, you want to be sure that they know you were thinking about them.

Portrait paintings can make the most precious Christmas gifts to the dearest ones

Why to gift portrait Painting ?

  • When you give a loved one a portrait painting as a Christmas gift, you both feel the warmth of giving. A portrait painting is not only a perfect gift but a memorable moment captured in painting to be in the life of your loved ones forever.
  • What can be more special for your dear ones than to relive the most important days of their life once again?
  • Gifting your friends and family members the most memorable moment of their life in a very concrete and beautiful form is the best way to show you care.
  • Apart from emotional reasons, this gift is pocket friendly as it is available in various sizes and colors thus allowing you to choose something that goes with the Christmas budget in your mind.

Portrait Painting Gift Ideas

 Family Portrait Painting
A whole family together is a wonderful sight. A family portrait is the most cherished of all the gifts as it fills the heart of the person and the family who receive the gift with warmth, life and beauty- an everlasting representation of the bond between the members.


 Couple Portrait Painting
Gifting a couple portrait to a couple- young or old- on Christmas is sure to rekindle their love, bring a smile and memory of the moments spent together……and believe me, they’ll be thanking you forever for this perfect gift.

 Children Portrait Painting
Children are the most important part of everybody’s life. Gifting a children’s portrait to your relatives is sure to earn you a lot of appreciation for your thoughtful gifting.


 Pet Portrait Painting
Pet portrait is the most wonderful gift for the ones who own a pet as they are as important a member of the home they belong to as others and the most loved member of the family too.


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Portrait Painting: A Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

All of us, at some time or another, have faced the challenge of finding a perfect gift for our loved ones. And the challenge becomes harder when you want to gift something unique that a person, for whom you are buying the gift, can relate to physically and emotionally. There is a perfect solution to this problem- Gifting oil Portrait Painting. Portrait Paintings can be gifted on any occasion – weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine Day, House-Warming, festivals etc and that too with a variation every time , as portrait painting is available in various sizes and colors.

Portrait Painting as Wedding Gift:

Wedding is the most special occasion in every person’s life so when your best friend or relative is getting married, you would like to gift him/her something that he/she will cherish for life. A portrait painting is not only a perfect gift but a memorable moment captured in painting to be in their life forever.

Portrait Painting as Anniversary Gift:

It’s a Silver Jubilee of your parent’s marriage and you want to gift them something that is unique and has some emotions attached to it or its your first anniversary and you want to make your wife feel special by gifting her something that will take her one year down the memory lane…….a couple portrait painting is the best way of doing that. What can be more special for them than to relive the most important day of their life once again?

Portrait Painting as Birthday Gift:

Birthday is a day when every person wants to feel special and wants to be treated as special. You can make this special day of your loved ones’ life memorable with a personalized gift like portrait painting. Gifting them their most memorable moment of life in a very concrete and beautiful form is the best way to show you care.

Portrait Painting as business/corporate gift:

This is the age of cut throat competition in the corporate world. A right corporate gift to your clients, business associates, dealers and employees can earn you a long-lasting loyalty and business terms. A portrait painting is the ideal gift to give some personal touch to your professional relationship. A personalized gift of portrait painting will go long way to strengthen your ties.

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Portrait Painting: A Perfect Gift for a Perfect Father

Vaastu painting, Seven Running Horse painting, Feng Shui Eight Horse painting

With Father’s Day round the corner, every son or daughter must be thinking about gifting his or her father with something special, unique and memorable. Portrait painting is the ideal gift to honor the men who have dedicated themselves to being good providers and fine examples to their children. It is believed that a painting is worth a thousand words so go for the gift that can convey your affection without a need for you to utter a single word

Portrait Ideas for Gifting Your Father

The first of the Father’s Day portrait tips that you can try is to have a modern portrait of your dad made. You can gift your father a portrait in a suit or a tuxedo against a neutral background. Such a picture will be great to hang in his office or study.

Self Portrait

If your father is a big cricket or football fan and had…

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Portrait Paintings for Your Home Décor

Home décor is generally not an easy task even for people with excellent taste because it is not easy to plan a décor that has personal touch to it and speaks a lot about individuals living in it. While doing up your place, you should pay a great deal of attention to how you decorate your walls as walls are the first to capture attention of the people .One of the simplest and best ways of doing this is by getting custom portrait paintings made for your home. Portrait Paintings on canvas are guaranteed to attract a lot of attention and you can’t go wrong if you display works of art that have relevance to your life. Paintings of famous artists are undeniably beautiful but they don’t necessarily say a lot about your personality or personal style. Getting custom portrait paintings of family members, a favorite destination or even a beloved pet is a great idea to give a personal touch to your walls.

Portrait Painting Ideas for Your Home:

Family Portrait Painting for living room: A whole family together is a wonderful sight not only for you but also for an onlooker or guests. A family portrait fills the room with warmth, life and beauty. This kind of art is a representation of the bond between the members of the family and is more meaningful than the ordinary photograph. The ideal place for displaying a family portrait painting is dining and living areas because both the family members as well as the guests can adore the paintings at these places.

Family Portrait

Couple Portrait Painting for Bedroom: Your bedroom is your private retreat and the relaxing arena of your house, hence it is special. A couple portrait in the bedroom can soothe a tired and stressed mind by bringing a smile and memory of the moments spent together. It enhances the ambiance of bedroom, gives it a personal touch and has healing effect not only on your mind but on your relationship too.

Kids Portrait Painting in their room: Children love to have a room decor that reflects their ownership of the room. They are immensely proud of their room and want to show off their property to all. A Child or Children Portrait Painting in their room can not only enhance the beauty of their room but can also give signature look to their room.
Children Portrait

Pet Portrait Painting in Your Home: Placing a pet portrait in one’s home is one of the most loving gestures which can be provided by an owner to his pet. These dog pet portrait paintings are the best ways to reinforce a love bond between the owner and their dog. Apart from their single poses, a group of portrait paintings can also be designed which will have more emotional touch. Individuals who don’t have any pet at homes but are ardent animal lovers can display such paintings in their homes.
Pet Portraits

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Portrait Painting as Ideal Business Gift

Portrait Painting as Ideal Corporate Gift

While the holiday season is the most popular time for the giving of corporate gifts, there are many other professional occasions like Foundation Day Of Business, the opening of a new office or branch, as well as personal occasions like Retirement, marriage, birth of a new baby when one can show deep appreciation by giving corporate gifts to encourage loyalty and strengthen ties.
Selecting an appropriate corporate gift does take some time for you to plan. You have got to think of the person, the occasion, his or her likes and dislikes and then make sure that the gift is appropriate and up- to -expectation . If you know the person you are gifting to, then it makes it that much easier, but otherwise you will have to find out or figure out the personality by yourself. But there is one ideal gift that can save you from this tedious job-Portrait Painting!!!

cowboy painting

Why Portrait Painting is an ideal Corporate Gift?

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, when a client is bombarded with me-too gifts, it is important to stand out from the crowd and make an impression with a unique gift. Whether the occasion is Personal or Professional, Portrait Painting is a very creative, thoughtful, and most significantly, personal and unique gift. Portrait gifts reflect the giver’s emotions or feelings toward the recipient and are always well loved and forever treasured. As a giver you don’t have to invest lot of time and energy to find a perfect gift for each and every client or dealer or employee as you can gift same thing to all and still make an impact -for each gift will be unique and personal for the recipient. This makes portrait painting an ideal gift.

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Portrait Painting Continue to be Ideal Gift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is fast approaching and buying the perfect gift is not easy. All of us, at some time or another, have faced the challenge of finding a perfect gift for our mother. And the challenge becomes harder when you want to gift it to your Mother, a gift which she can relate emotionally & will cherish for life. All the mother’s are very emotional especially when it comes to children, so instead of gifting her something materialistic thing, it is better to gift her something which touches her heart. There is a perfect solution to this problem- Gift Personalized Oil Portrait Painting to your mother. A portrait painting is not only a perfect gift but a memorable moment captured in painting to be in their life forever.MacBeth_N-1 copy

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